Monday, May 16, 2011

OMG ..... Down On The FLoor !!!!!!!!!

OMG !!! -BBs-

It has been A Freaking Long While..
I know I know..
All BBs are thinking.. why this 3 bitches take soo longg to even update a blog???
Let me tell u WHY...ready???

Actually we 3 bitches has been so busy with work and life and the most u know what??
Yeap .. living the life of the party world  .. drink drank drunk ,,next day back to work.
and here we are ... showing u BBs Fame, Glam , Crazy , Never Ending ..
HAPPENING !!! enjoy

A phrase Esther Loves To Say . But I'm still available!!!

While pagen says .. I'm So NOT Taken !!

Kiki Is A Bit Confuse ... Tats a symbol means .. Dunno Leh !!! HAHA

Well THIS 3 Bitches always end up CAM WHORING everywhere , anytime ... What the heck ..

Partying with the Bitches are what bitches do Right??  All white ANGELS???? NO WAY

SPOT the Bitches..... WHERE??? HAHA thier EVERYWHERE !!!!!

SPOTTED!! ...Pagen and Esther .. PLS dont kill me !!!! This shows forever HAPPY!

Well BBs...
Pls wait for us for awhile more
Bcuz we are updating our newest Seasons Soon...

Once again .. 
Thx to ALL BBs out there for hanging in with us 
-SS XoXo-

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