About Us

Les' Butchie Girls : 3 bitches with 3 different styles, inspired by great fashion icons and also friends around.

From casual summer wear to classy formal wear and all the way to glamorous party wear.

With this 3 different inspiration's mix & match we will create a fashion chaos.

Been wondering why we call ourselves bitches?

It's bcuz we have butches too, we have a slight interest in butches wear don't get what i mean ?

Standby and stay tuned to Us Les' Butchie Girls xoxo

EstherC = Esctacy

Butches & Bitches, tell u something about myself. It's still a secret to lots of ppl, even myself , but lets explore together .

To those who do not know me .. u will very soon, but to those who DO, know me Better!! 

Happy go lucky is something besties always say about me, when it comes to dressing, Casual is what i love. 

Casual but Outstanding is always the BOMB !

SS = Standby & Stay Tuned xoxo

Kiki aka Pik Yee

Thinking of dressing formal yet classy? I am 'SO' one of them. People usually address me as the combination of both. 

Somehow, I love dressing in a way to bring out the hidden classy side of me to catch the attention.

A lot of people think that formal or classy stands alone but it is NEVER to me! With a little bit of mix and match, it can totally change the look completely.

Wanna know more?! Open your eyes widely at 
Les' Butchie Girls XOXO

Pagen aka Peugeot
When it comes to me, what do you say? Needless to say, I'm all about the bling, bling &  BLING!

Being glamorous is what I love best! I believe in perfection at all times. And I meant ALL the time!

Glamor is not the price that count. It's about the way you carry yourself (in a low cost way that kept ppl guessing). Wanna be glamour in a budgetary way?

Stick with us!

XOXO Les' Butchie Girls

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